How Disney Recycle their Film Templates

Many classic Disney films contain almost identical animation sequences. It is said that Disney animators lightened their heavy work loads by recycling acetates from previous films, adding new details such as different faces, haircuts or colors to the characters.

how disney recycle their film template

Left one is “Mowgli crossed an almost identical tree in The Jungle Book.” While 10 years later, from the 1977 film version of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin walks along a tree that has fallen across a river to form a bridge.
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How Art School Promote Themselves

The most creative work we see are made by those who graduated from art/design schools or take some classes there. But how creative those school can be when they try to promote themselves. Ironically, I can’t find that much those school promoting ads. But we still got some good ones, especially ones created by Animaster Animation School.

Complot Creativity School – Typography course

art school self-promoting post

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