Talented Musical Mice – Way Too Cute

talented musical mice

Talented musical rats strike up a tune with their miniature instruments

Today, let’s meet two talent mice belonging to Roosendaal who have been trained by their owner to hold tiny instruments in their paws.

Single Ellen, from Roosendaal, Holland, revealed her pair of rodents are “really talented actors.” She said: “I never used to like rats, in fact, I really hated them. But when I bought these two I realized they were very intelligent and clean animals”

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Innovative Compact Design

The two things that I see common regarding perception of futuristic technology is that products are going to be compact and well integrated. In this post, I am to present you with some Innovative Compact Design.

‘One’ – Folding Bicycle by Thomas Owen [link]

‘One’ provides a real solution to the problems involved with urban transport. With congestion rapidly clogging up the roads the need for products that can free individuals from their car are in real demand. When open, ‘One’ is a comfortable stylish bicycle that not only offers all the benefits of cycling (like cheap travel and exercise) but with its revolutionary power assist system the user can cruise around with ease. When folded, ‘One’ turns into a smooth, light and compact case free of all dirty and protruding parts. ‘One’ can be easily carried, stowed and stored. ‘One’ is truly a bike for eco and money minded individuals alike. Its stylish design strips it from the folding bike stigma and makes it a bike for the 21st century.

innovative compact design

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