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Animal Wedding! Are you serious?

The pet wedding sounds cute, and I’m glad it made the owners happy, but I personally would feel uncomfortable with it.

animal wedding

animal wedding

Those photos look pretty cool? But how about the marriage itself. For example, how do you know your pet wants to marry that poodle or the Chihuahua? For me, the marriage itself is arranged, and those pets/animal don’t have the rights to say no. :(

Maybe I am just to seriously. Anyway, let’s how those wedding look like around the world.

animal wedding

an Scott, of the The Antique Angel Wedding Chapel in Reno, was on hand Saturday afternoon at PETCO at 5565 S. Virginia St. to perform pet weddings.

animal wedding

Wedding for frogs

animal wedding

A traditional church wedding for dogs

animal wedding

Proud miniature pigs display their wedding certificates after their ceremony in Chongqing, southwestern China.

animal wedding

Wedding for cats. My question is: what's wrong with the eye of cat at the right side?

animal wedding

elephant's wedding

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