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Bar Mitts: Your Hand Protector When Cycle With Cold Weather

Commuting on a bicycle with cold weather can be an unpleasant experience. That is the reason we need some kind of protector, such as wind-prove jacket, knee protector, helmet and of course glove. There are many winter glove keep your hands warm but they quite heavy and not work quite well when you are riding your bikes. Bar Mitts are invented to solve this problem and regarded as a sure cure for cold fingers. The neoprene covers fit over your handlebars and provide warm compartments for your hands. Moreover they can be used with regular cycling gloves with plenty of room to brake and shift. So when you get that mitts installed on your bike, you just don’t need to carry those heavy glove with you everywhere and you know your hands will be protected well from this warm mitts. Although it does look a bit ugly. But who cares, a warm hand is much more important in winter time. You can buy it on Amazon, which will be a perfect gift for anyone who like/have to cycle during cold season.

Bar Mitts: Your Hand Protector When Cycle With Cold Weather

O’cha: Mini Tea Infuser Help you Make Tea on the Go?

As a tea lover, I pay attention to any many tea related products. There are many people like me, they love drink tea and also try to help the drinking experience. Like Somi Choi, the designer of the O’cha – mini tea infuser, try to solve the problem and help people to make their tea on the go. Generally, this infuser is a cap which can fit comfortably into a standard bottle. It consists of two parts: bottom tea capsule which is used to hold tea leaves and the top drinking cap which can be attached to bottle. After screwing the infuser on the bottle, you can shake it and then enjoy your bottle of tea.

Honestly, I am really doubt the design. I only make my tea with hot water, and I believe, the bottle mentioned by designer is standard plastic water bottle, which can’t hold hot water. So, designer think we can get a perfect tea by soaking tea leave in cold water?? Really not sure about it. Of course, I might be wrong so if you have other thoughts, convince me!

At the end, I am share the tea bottle I am using right now. It is double wall glass bottle with built-in tea strainer. Love glass so I can see the leaves floating and splash-prove design make sure you can have enjoy your warm tea on the road. If you are interested, you can buy it on amazon. Of course, that is only my personal choice.

O'cha: Mini Tea Infuser Help you Make Tea on the Go?

Tissue Paper Animal in Life: Creative Stop Motion for Japanese Paper Company

This unbelievable stop motion was created by Japanese ad agency Dentsu for Japanese paper manufacturer Nepia, which featuring a cavalcade of animals folding directly from tissue paper. Nepia tries to show their dedication to creating sustainable forests by giving lives of forest animals using tissue paper. Our understanding is that “Paper comes from trees while cutting trees make forest animal homeless. Hence we need to create sustainable forests to make sure those animals can live properly. That’s why those paper animal are alive in video”. Not sure is that the right explanation for the commercial. But if you only enjoy it purely like a stop motion animation, it is pretty awesome. Birds, dogs, kangaroos, frogs, etc, those tissue animals are such vividly alive in the video. Take a look at this amazing movie action and if you want to find out how much effort and dedication you need make movie like that, check the “Making of Video” followed.

Tissue Paper Animal in Life: Creative Stop Motion for Japanese Paper Company

30 Amazing Blue Business Cards Designs

Blue is the color of nature and at the same time it reflects professionalism. Therefore, it is one of the most widely used colors in our workplace. Blue also symbolizes reliability, sincerity and trustworthiness and therefore many agencies or professionals prefer using this color in their business card. Business cards are an important medium for getting connected with potential clients personally. Moreover, this small square, rectangular or any other shape piece of paper bearing the key information about your company and their personnel also represent your brand name. Therefore, it should be professional, attractive and at the same time informative to make the best use of this advertising tool.

Business card designers prefer using this color in the business as it reflects confidence and steadfastness of the brand name and at the same time a striking design can be created with this color that will draw the attention the clients amongst whom the business cards will be distributed. In this post we have collected some of the best blue business card designs from which the designers can draw inspiration for their future endeavor. Moreover, these designs can be also used by the clients for explaining their expectation to the designer.

Browse through these thirty amazing blue business card designs to draw inspiration from these examples and there after come up with your own unique and creative blue business card design. Share with us your opinion about the designs in this post in the comments section and also share this awesome design with your friends and acquaintance.

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30 Amazing Blue Business Cards Designs

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