10 Free Vector Lover Heart for Valentine Day

In this post, I will provide you with 10 Free Vector Lover Heart for Valentine Day. You can find most common loving heart style, 2D, 3D, heart with wings, heart with rings or heart with lover mail (n_n). Every  photo has a link connceted to the vector file (.eps) for this picture.

Please notice… please don’t use these illustration for commercial reason… it is only for studying and learning…

Vector Loving Heart  for Valentine

click here to download vector file

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4 Beautiful Valentine Desktop

There are 4 beautiful Valentine Desktop. Personally, I like the first one most. The pink heart and glory go well with the dark background. The rest three are illustrated cartoon style… Click the picture to get the large version desktop.

Nothing is complex. The reason why I like them, because I believe “Love is simple and pure“.

beautiful valentine desktop

1024×768 Desktop

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