8 Cool and Modern Bird Feeders

If you’re one of those people who likes birds or happen to know someone who is, then here is a nice round-up for you – 8 Cool and Modern Bird Feeders. These cool feeder can not only provide enough food for our feather friends, but also give you a chance to watch them at the same time. To meet different requirement, our collection comes with different shape, material and ways of placement. So not matter what you have: a large garden or a small balcony, as long as you want, you can set up a lovely bird feeder and bring birds into your life.

1. Ceramic Tire Swing Bird Feeder [buy here]

Remember the idyllic summer fun of a tire swing hanging from a big oak in the backyard? The cool new SwingTime is a whimsical little bird feeder shaped like an old-fashioned tire swing. It may look like a tiny rubber tire, but this one is realistically crafted from ceramic. Just fill the inner part of the tire with birdseed and watch as your feathered friends stop by to eat and swing around.

This 5.5 inch diameter ceramic tire is supplied complete with a hanging rope.

8 Cool and Modern Bird Feeders

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