The largest Canyon in the world

What is the world’s longest canyon?
If you are about to say ‘Grand Canyon‘ then you are correct…kinda. You have the right name…almost, but more than likely, the wrong country.

What is the world’s deepest canyon?
You might think it is Peru’s Colca Canyon. Em, that answer is correct before 1994, but now?

At first, I am intending to make a post about the canyons around the world. However after my research, I decided to talk about only one canyon instead, which is claimed as the longest as well as the deepest canyon in the world (So I just called it the largest canyon in the world). It is “The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon” from China.

It is 496.3 kilometers long, 56.3 kilometers longer than the Colorado Grand Canyon, previously considered the world’s longest.
And it is 5,382 meters deep, much deeper than the 3,200 meters of Peru’s Colca Canyon, previously known as the world’s deepest canyon.

The canyon is in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and around the highest peak of east Himalayas-Namjiagbarwa peak (7,787 meters above sea level), forming a huge horseshoe-shaped turn.

the world largest canyon

see the “huge horseshoe-shaped turn”

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