Great Design from Tea-off Competition

A competition called “Tea-off” held sponsored by “World Kitchen” has announced its winner for 2009. There are 237 entries and finally, we got three winners and 25 honorees. Followings are the picture of three winnes, the first one is my favorite, that is really cool.

1. ONE Teakettle designed by Dan Chung, Tony Ruth, Steve Abueva and Mike Serafin

ONE is a single vessel designed to both boil and serve, enabling a simpler, more direct user experience. The ONE Teakettle has an intuitive magnetic trivet that attaches to the base only when the kettle is hot, so the user can bring it directly to the table for serving.

tea kettle competition

tea kettle competition
Decorative graphic patterns are applied with thermochromic inks, which become visible as the water boils. This visual cue that the water is ready also creates an elegant aesthetic at the table.
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Designs from Headset Competition

Recently, Nokia just successfully hold a Headset competition invited people to enter their designs for a Nokia Bluetooth headset inspired by their favorite piece of music.

There are over 7,500 entries and the five winning designers will be given the chance to turn their concepts into bespoke, fully functioning Nokia headsets, which will be showcased at flagship stores all over the world and returned back to them to keep forever.

I am not totally with the five winning designs, from my views, there are some even cooler designs. I am going to list some my favorite design. For the full gallery of all the entries, you can visit the Nokia Music Almight competition website.

Nokia headset competition design

One winner was the winged “I’m flying!” based on R. Kelly’s song I Believe I Can Fly, created by rodshakur

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