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Unusual Auto Aerobics Performance by Chris LaBrooy

Like aerobics performance? Ever wonder how aerobics performed by something else than human? In English designer Chris LaBrooy‘s eye, below is how auto doing aerobics. Named “Auto Aerobics”, this is a series of bizarre...


Uncharted: Breathtaking Digitally Sculpted Wax Art

Entitled ‘Uncharted’, this breathtaking art work created by Indonesia-based artist Ferdi Rizkiyanto features the story of wax figures emerging from a melting candle struggling against their fate. Two of them are climbing the sides...


Whimsical Photo Manipulation by Thomas Barbéy

Welcome to the whimsically surreal world of Thomas Barbey photographer and artist. Barbéy’s surrealistic manipulations are not only works of retouching and airbrushing, with unlimited imagination and consummate skill Barbey combines wildly disparate imagery...