Feather Painting – Art on Feather

Some of our creative Artists just got bored to paint on the regular canvas and went back to traditional/special material – feather. Feather work was carried out by highly skilled artisans and fantastic headdresses, ceremonial shields, bracelets, exotic fans, ceremonial staffs and numerous other items were created. There are lots of feathers can be used for painting, such as chicken, ducks, geese, pigeons, golden pheasants, peacocks, turkey. Due to difference of feather’s color, texture, size, the painting will present various visual effect.

In this post, I will present you with some amazing feather painting I collected. And if you are interested to do your own painting, here is a website which provide you 22 video tutorials teaching you “How to Do Acrylic Painting on Feathers

Feather Painting - Art on Feather

wolf feather painting – by rileymai

Feather Painting - Art on Feather

(left)Feather- Midnight Memories by – DarkIceWolf and (right)”Clearest Vision” Feather by – Foxfeather248

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