13 Fish Bowl and Aquarium Design for Fish Lover

Check out these 13 creative, fun fish bowl and Aquarium designs. Their fun design and unique shape transforms the ordinary, round fish bowl into a fish bowl that is visually appealing and exciting, which make a great decoration for any room. Why not find a new, fabulous modern home for your lovely fish friends?

1. One Pot, Two Lives [link]

This is a planter and a fish tank. You put your regularly potted plant in this pot on top, and a goldfish on the bottom. What could they provide for each other, you might ask? Waste! Yes, the fishes turn their eaten bait remnants into nutrients for the plant, while the water fed to the plant is filtered as it passes though and becomes clean for the fish. It is a totally natural and lovely system.

One Pot, Two Lives

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Fish, Fish, Weird Fish

Animal of this week — fish…. weird looking fish! 5 bizarre looking fish on my list will be presented in this post. Most of them are pretty ugly, while the frogfish also called walking fish is really cute. Especially the specie I introduced here, “hairy frogfish”. Can’t helping myself, give more shots for this lovely creatures.

1. Dracula fish (“Vampire fish”)
The dracula fish, Danionella dracula, is a species of tropical danionin fish from the cyprinid family. It is a freshwater fish indigenous to Burma. It is named dracula after its unusual “fangs”: male dracula fish have protruding tooth-like bones stemming from their jawbones. Males have been observed using their fangs to spar against other males.

bizarre fish

Dracula fish

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