Cutest Sock Doll Making…Go Back To Childhood

You’ll never know what happened to that missing sock, but after reading this post, you may know what to do with its other half or the rest old socks. The materials you need to prepare is simple…

1. socks (so many varieties of socks to choose from; big woolly work socks, fuzzy socks, nylon socks, bright colors, pastels, stripes, geometric);
2. needles and thread (colorful);
3. decorations for face (embroidery, buttons, ribbon)

You can always use imagination to create your unique doll… while in this post, I will present you some cool idea of sock dolls… they are looking extremely cute. And I am preparing to make one by my own and hang it on my Christmas tree this year…. Em.. Maybe it will also be a great idea for the Christmas gift… Handmade, cute sock doll… (But in this case, probably you need to use some brand new

Cutest Sock Doll Making...Go Back To Childhood

Cutest Sock Doll Making...Go Back To Childhood

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