SBBS Healing Toys – Super Funny

While using office supplies like the SBBS line of office toys might seem a little goofy, there is a certain fun to be found in them and their aim of letting office workers get their revenge on their at-work nemeses. Displacement and venting of anger are two other ways healing toys enable users to blow off steam. One of the most iconic of this variety of healing toy is the SBBS line developed by Taiwanese company Do More Idea Creative Enterprise.

SBBS Healing Toys - Super Funny

The basic form of the SBBS products uses a balloon-like head with a sneaky grin to portray the sense of someone who is full of themselves and full of hot air, and ties that into a toy that gives everyone the chance to “torture” their office nemesis.

[Dizzy me] tape dispenser

I got stuck in the wheel of pain! While you were using the tape. I’m really suffering today!
Buy one tape dispenser and you can use two different sizes of tape!

[Dizzy me] tape dispenser

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