We Heart! 18 Heart Shaped Product Designs

Today we will continue our “HEART” topic. After yesterday’s 11 Heart-shaped Kitchen Related Products, we will present you with another 18 creative or sweet Heart Shaped Product Designs. From Huggable lights to cone chair to bathtub, it is so fascinated to see these heart shape inspired products. Hope you can share our fascination and enjoy our collection.

Mua [link]

Mua was designed with lovers in mind. The organic shape invokes the idea of two people intertwined, embracing each other. Wicker wrapped steel on the outside, red for love in the inside. Mua dangles from a tree suspended for all voyeurs to see and at the perfect angle – looks like a giant heart shaped pendant. Implying love in a design can border the esoteric to the ridiculous but I think the Mua strikes the perfect balance.

This one is my favorite… really elegant and sweet design. :)


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We Heart! 11 Heart-shaped Kitchen Related Products

Valentine’s Day is at the corner and the red heart patten can be seen everywhere. I decided to take some time to search for products in heart shape…Due to the amount of finding, I will split them into two posts. And here is today’s topic – 11 Heart-shaped Kitchen Related Products.

Heart Mug [link]

Beautiful heart-shaped mug, just remember to fill it with non-clear liquid to bring out the love in every sip

Heart Mug

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