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What your House Front says about you

The interior of your home is a chance for you to express interests, style and life experiences throughout, but only people you know well enough to invite into your house know what that looks like. There are others in your neighbourhood that aren’t lucky enough to know you that well, so they can’t see how you live at home, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make assumptions based on what’s outside.

Everything they see on face value gives them an impression of what you’re like, and there may be things you’re giving away that you didn’t expect. Everything from your car to how clean your bricks are can give the neighbours a clue of whether they’re keeping up with you or not.

Furniture Through The Ages

Furniture Through The Ages

Picking a sofa is a major decision… Dramatic? Possibly. True? Absolutely. Handing over a wad of cash for piece of furniture is not a small task and for this reason, it is imperative that the correct sofa is chosen just for you! Furnishing Homes knows this all too well and have devised this creative infographic detailing just how the styles have evolved over the decades, from quilted leather right up to soft L shapes; the legendary Lazy Boy even makes an appearance! Below shows some examples of the infographic, take a quick look for yourself!

How Cool Your Home Can Be? 27 Innovative Ideas of Interior Designs

On every Sunday, we feature a cool or modern or creative interior/product design we would like to share with you. They might talk about a general home design or focus at a specific area. After three years, we looked back at those posts and created a special list for those who are interested in making a cool and unique home. These ingenious home improvements run from architecture design to product design, cover designs for limited space and budget to some pretty luxurious request. Take a look a the list and hope it will give you some inspiration of how to make a cool and dream home.

1. Space-Saving Suspended Bed

If you have limited space but still want to live in a quality life, rather than a pull-out sofa, a suspended bed like below is a good alternative.

27 Innovative Ideas of Interior Designs

Find a right Curtain Pole for your Curtain and Home

Home is where the heart is. We love our home, no matter how it looks or how big or small it is. But wouldn’t it be great if our home is lovable, not only loved by us but by everyone visits as well. There are so many things we can do to improve it, and the curtain is definitely one of them. If you’ve decided to outfit your windows with curtains, you’ll need to invest in a pole. Curtain poles are functional and with the correct choice, will enhance the appearance of the room in their own right. Curtain poles come in a wide selection of styles and materials, many including decorative details like finials. To determine what’s right for you, you’ll need to think about window size, curtain style and aesthetic preference. Choose the right poles which suit your window and curtain fabrics will definitely benefits your home improvement.

Find a right Curtain Pole for your Curtain and Home

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