Tags support in htmlText flash as3

1. anchor tag <a> </a>

Three attributes are supported:

1.1 href: URL can be relativl or absolute. Notice: the absolute URL must begin with “http://”, otherwise, flash player will regard it as relative URL.

1.2 target: define the name of target loaded page, options: _self,_blank,_parent,_top;
_self means current window and current frame
_blank means open a new window
_parent means the parent of current frame;
_top menas the highest frame of the current frame;

1.3 bold tag <b></b> everything words between <b>xxx</b> will be bold;
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How to correctly use Flash htmlText

Textfield can support some html tag in flash, for example:

info.htmlText = “<b>Bold</b>, <i>italic</i>, <u>underline</u>”;

the result effect:
Bold, italic, underline

However, when you use htmlText adding text one by one, the new added text will automatically newline. See below example:

info.htmlText = “<b>Bold</b>”;
info.htmlText += “, <i>italic</i>”;
info.htmlText += “, <u>underline</u>”;

the result effect:
, italic
, underline

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