The Porthole: a Simple and Elegant Infusion Vessel

The Porthole, designed by Crucial Detail design studio in Chicago, is a simple and beautiful infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion imaginable. It was a very successful project on Kickstarter one year ago and gained significant attention after is debut. Made of iron and glass, the beautiful infusion vessel can be used to make all kinds of drinks, and also as a work of art. Just load it with fruit, herbs or whatever else you want, close the glass plates and you can pour the liquid through the opening.

Here are some specification about the porthole:

  • Holds 390ml (13 fl oz) of liquid.
  • Made of precision ground and tempered Low Iron Glass, food grade Delrin, food grade Silicone, and Stainless Steel.
  • Three photo-etched stainless steel filter screens of varying densities.
  • One flexible silicone cap to seal the contents for longer term infusions.

The Porthole: a Simple and Elegant Infusion Vessel
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