Orbitkey: an Elegant and Practical Way to Carry your Keys

Key chain, what we use to carry our keys seems not change a lot since it was invented. Most likely, it is a metal circle where our keys hang attach to. The keys rattle all the time in your pocket when jogging and scratch your belongings when you forget to separate it from others. If you are bothered with those problems like me, then you should check the Orbitkey – a totally new way to carry your keys. It’s super stylish, quiet, organised, scratch free and infinitely customizable!

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Sparrow Key Ring – Cute Birdhouse Key Ring

A little birdie told us these adorable birdhouses are just the right place to hold your keys. Especially if those keys are attached to a darling and useful sparrow key chain. And this birdie doubles as a safety whistle! This set consist of two little birds and small house for these birds. Every time when you get home the little bird from the set also gets home. It looks like a prefect house warming gift. And there is also one bird version available. You can find them here and here.

Sparrow Key Ring - Cute Birdhouse Key Ring
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