Mind-boggling World’s First Rome’s LEGO Colosseum by Ryan McNaught

As these incredible pictures show, Certified Lego builder Ryan McNaught has gone into extraordinary detail to recreate the famous monument in Lego form – the World’s First Rome’s LEGO Colosseum. Using 200,000 Lego bricks, the model is presented in cross-section with half in its present day ruined form and half as it was when Rome’s original Colosseum was built, circa 80 AD. The pristine half, with its immaculate array of articulated arches and columns, is festooned with figures in period dress, perched on the tiered seating observing a gladiator fight. The other half of the model is riddled with crevices–spacing between the blocks meant to simulate the crumbling state of the Colosseum today, where tourists roam, eating gelato and snapping photos of cloak-and-helmeted actors. The level of detail of the LEGO Colosseum is just stunning! Watch all the details from McNaught’s model on Flickr. [source]

Mind-boggling World's First Rome's LEGO Colosseum by Ryan McNaught
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