Amazing Landscape In Jell-O! Delicious!

Who doesn’t love Jell-O? But did you ever see the whole city made out of Jell-O. Liz Hickok made those incredible (and must be delicious) projects which depict various landscapes in Jell-O, such as San Francisco, The White House, Wilmington, Scottsdale and North Adams.

Basically, Liz made the landscapes by constructing scale models of the architectural elements which she used to make molds. Then she casted the buildings in Jell-O. Similar to making a movie set, Liz added backdrops, which she often paint, and elements such as mountains or trees, and then Liz dramatically light the scenes from the back or underneath.

San Francisco in Jell-O

Amazing Landscape In Jell-O

Amazing Landscape In Jell-O

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