Maharajas’ Express: An Incredibly Luxury Train in Indian

I am not kidding, this is a real train! Maharajas’ Express began operating on the Indian Railways from early 2010. It’s newly-built train with all the modern amenities of a 5-star hotel combined with the ageless charms of classic Indian culture. The trains include a 23-guest carriage train, designed to recreate the personal state carriages used by the Maharajas of India. Facilities include two ornate restaurants with decorative arched ceilings, an observation lounge and souvenir shop, and 43 cabins and suites starting at roughly 110 square feet in size. For eight days this luxury train will carry you across the country by the most famous attractions of India. I have to say, it looks an exciting trip to explore a country like India, but in a pretty expensive way – cost of trip per person ranges from $800 for deluxe coupe to $2,500 for the presidential suite per day. If any of you take this train, don’t hesitate to share your experience and photos with us. [source]

Maharajas' Express: A Incredibly Luxury Train in Indian
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