Funny Drawing on Kid’s Sandwich Bag Every day Since 2008

For the last five years, Massachusets-based graphic designer David Laferriere has draw a funny drawing on their sandwich bags before packing them for school lunch. He uses Sharpie markers for his whimsical drawings which includes various monsters, worms, robots or anything interesting to his kids. David’s 13 and 15-year-old sons have already eaten over 1,100 of those creative meals from the Sandwich Art series! For me, new plastic bags every day are not quite environment friendly to me. While for a father try to make his kids enjoy their lunch, the effort is impressive.

Funny Drawing on Kid's Sandwich Bag Every day Since 2008
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Eatable Art – Lovely Sandwich

I once wrote a few post about people use food as their element of creation…like “MINIMIAM Universe“, Amazing Watermelon Carving Art and Cute Bento. People put so much effort to make their food pretty and lovely…. and just looks so good that I don’t even want to eat them… Same here in today’s post…. a simple sandwich is created in such lovely and cartoon-ish way. I know it is a bit childish… but still look awesome….

Eatable Art - Lovely SandwichEatable Art - Lovely Sandwich
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