11 Creative and Impressive Pantene Shampoo Advertisement Design

What is your first impression of a shampoo ads? Beautiful women with long, shining and smoothly hair? 80% shampoo ads ends up like this. However, there are still some unusual and creative work which Pantene is a good example. I am not saying it has better shampoo, but Pantene does put some extra effort to make its ads more attractive, impressive and eye-catching.

Pantene – Dandruff Salt Shaker

It may force you to lose your appetite, but this campaign by Pantene sure is effective. Salt shakers, in the design of a woman’s head, were placed in bars, restaurants, and canteens. When shaken, salt crystals trickle out in the shape of dandruff. Check, please!

Pantene - Dandruff Salt Shaker

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