9 Beautiful Shell Bowls for Home Decoration

Shell is something can eaisly reminds you of the smell of ocean. Due to the same reason, shell bowl can perfectly connect the beauty and function, which not only holds your items but also brings you the freshness of nature. In this post, we will present you with 9 Beautiful Shell Bowls. No matter it is made of real shell or just shaped like shell, these elegant piece will definitely help to spice up your table.

1. Large Clam Shell Bowl [discontinue]

This flagrantly dramatic shell bowl makes a coastal-inspired statement in any setting. Perfect for catching holiday cards in the entryway or filling with ice to chill trays of seafood on a buffet.

Resin bowl
Natural shell color
Felt backing
Decorative use only, should not have direct contact with food

9 Beautiful Shell Bowls for Home Decoration

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