Vegetable Museum in Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery

JuDuoQi is a Chinese Designer. Her newest work “Vegetable Museum” is exhibited in Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery which is founded by Flore Sassigneux and Romain Degoul with the strong will to create the first space in China dedicated exclusively to modern and contemporary world photography.

In The Vegetal Museum series, she revisits in a stunning way some masterpieces of the western painting. Making use of vegetables and food of China’s everyday life – tofu, cabbage, ginger, lotus roots, coriander, sweet potato… – and through digital manipulation, she presents a puzzling series of vegetable compositions representing world famous paintings like Mona Lisa, The Cene by Leonard Da Vinci, The Dream by Pablo Picasso or Marilyn Monroe by Warhol.

The Vegetable Museum
Napoleon on Potatos
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