12 Strange Asian Beverages

Sodas and other beverages made for the Asian market can often seem strange to us in the Western world. I guess due to different dieting habit and culture, whatever may seem like an odd flavor to us is often very popular there.

From “Wasabi drink” to “cheese drink“, here are some strange Asian beverages you may not have heard of. You might think how the hell those terrifying drink has been made in market… However, look on the bright side, though: they may not be good to drink, but you can’t say they’re not good for a laugh.

1. Cheese Drink

Because Japan is an island nation, it has been historically hard to support a large dairy industry because of the limited amount of available land. Therefore, many Japanese people have never developed much of a taste for milk products. Today, however, some companies are hoping to introduce more dairy into the Japanese marketplace.

This new cheese drink comes in 3 different flavors; plain, blueberry, and yuzu citrus. They use a special process to cut down on the sweet taste of the flavored drinks. It is said to have a taste similar to yogurt, but with a cheesy aftertaste.

12 Strange Asian Beverages
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