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Nature’s Tiniest Architects

Doesn’t like human, we trained ourselves to do something. Some insects have gift which is borned with them. Those tiny architects can build something really amazing, perfectly balanced and well structured. When you first...


25 Amazing Photos of Animal Camouflage: Can You Spot Them?

Camouflage is an ancient art and species around the planet depend on it daily for survival. This is why many animal species have developed different ways to camouflage themselves throughout the course of evolution....


20 Funny Photos of Animal with Long Hair

Hair is something important to animal, which not only makes them more attractive to their mate but also help them to cope with cold. For some of them like musk ox and angora rabbit,...


Wildlife Exhibition – Animal of Week

Happy Friday again…Hope you have an enjoyable weekend and here is our treat for relaxing Friday night…10 Amazing Photograph which captures Vivid Animals expression, gesture, movement….Funny, adorable or interesting..Wildlife Exhibition – Animal of Week...