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Adorable and Witty Comics by Wawawiwa

Life is tough so we need something to cheer us up. And reading funny comics is a good choice. After Liz Climo, one of our favorite comic artist who shows us a world of...


Funny Animal Comics by Lingvistov

Life is stressful for most of us and how to make it less tough? Ways are various but for me, reading some funny articles are definitely one of them. The Russian Artist Duo Lingvistov...


Comical Minimalist Illustrations Make Your Day

The illustrations presented below are brought us by South Africa-based illustrator and designer Jaco Haasbroek who has a sweet and silly sense of humor. Full of whimsy and witty puns, Haasbroek’s art is entertaining...


Heartwarming Animal Comics that Make your Day

Elizabeth Climo, is a talented animator working for the hit show The Simpsons at the day time and a witty comics artist at night. By presenting various animals in amusing everyday interactions, her funny...