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High-end Star war Inspired Furniture

Last year, Lucasfilm partnered up with award-winning Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue to create a cool line of high end Star Wars-themed handmade furniture. The Collection consists of an Imperial TIE Fighter Wings Easy Armchair...


5 Star Wars Inspired Bookend Designs

As one of the most popular movie series, Star wars inspired products can be seen everywhere. And now, these fictional characters step into our shelves and prepare to give your books a much needed...


Highly Detailed Star Wars Themed Jewelry

Produced by JAP (a Japanese design firm), these intensely detailed rings are perfect for any Star Wars fan. . Rings feature iconic characters like Darth Vader and R2-D2, Chewbacca, Yoda, Stormtrooper and more. It...


DIY Snowflakes Inspired by Star Wars

For artist Herrera, it just isn’t Christmas without a T-47 Snow Speeder making an attack run on an AT-AT, or Luke Skywalker facing down a hungry Rancor beast. To celebrate the Christmas and his...


Star Wars Terrariums: a Fun-filled Adventure in Globe

Star Wars fans, here are some fun decorations, fun-filled Star Wars Terrariums, to place on your desktop or bookshelf. These fantastic terrariums were made by Minnesota-based artist Tony Larson. To create these novelties, Larson...