Monthly Archive: April 2009


Islands in Interesting Shape

There are always something interesting and amazing in our life, just wait for you to find them, like the face hiding in our life I mentioned in my previous post. Today, I am to...


Life Gadget Design 6

Welcome to our Monday routine Life Gadget Design. As usual, 10 creative, bizarre or even silly designs will be presented here. Hope you enjoy! 1. Quilt Cover The quilt cover in the picture is...


Something about the spiders

There are various kinds of pets in our world, cat,dog,fish,bunny,birds or SPIDER! Yes, spider! Somehow, it is difficult for me to think to raise a spider like a pet. But you can see they...


Great Design from Tea-off Competition

A competition called “Tea-off” held sponsored by “World Kitchen” has announced its winner for 2009. There are 237 entries and finally, we got three winners and 25 honorees. Followings are the picture of three...


Interesting Concept Design from Benz Roadster

Benz recently unveiled heir line of “F-Series” concept vehicles which draws its inspiration from a diverse variety of automotive eras. It uniquely combines state-of-the-art technologies with the history of vehicle construction. Old fashioned pedicab...


Recycle Art – Glass Bottle Carving

Someone paint inside the bottle while someone carve inside. Look at those amazing pictures below, see how  those broken useless glass bottles are turned into a kind of masterpiece. :)


Interesting Chinese Architecture Stamps

This Chinese architecture stamps set is more than a decent set of stamps and colored ink pads. This stamp set recapitulates the elements of Chinese traditional architecture, such as ridge of a roof, lintel...


Beautiful Coral Reef around the world

As the largest living structures on the planet, coral reefs are also among the greatest storehouses of biodiversity on Earth. While Coral Reefs are also one of the most threatened marine systems. Scientists estimate...