Four Easy Origami Heart Tutorials to Surprise Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day

As a big fan of origami, I have been showing amazing paper folding art on DesignSwan many times. However, these paper art was created by skillful artists. They look good but most of us can’t make any of them. Hence, today I would like to show your four video tutorials which show you how to fold perfect origami heart. These videos are short and easy to follow. Moreover, the origami heart is such a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift or decoration… Made with special paper and with you own hands, what could be sweeter? I ordered the video according to its difficulty. Single heart? Puffy heart? Double heart? or Heart with two cranes? Which one you want to make?

Four Easy Origami Heart Tutorials to Surprise Your Loved One on Valentine's Day

Single Heart

Puffy Heart (Double side Heart)

Double Heart

Heart with Two Cranes

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6 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    nice tutorial… the double heart is good

  2. Emma says:

    simple and easy to follow, good collection

  3. Wajid says:

    Emm.. the heart with cranes one is a bit hard… took me a while to get it.

  4. Kaman says:

    That is easy… thanks for sharing.

  5. Alex says:

    Where i can buy the right paper to fold those?

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