How to take a perfect selfie with a selfie light

Up your selfie game with a selfie light

Remember the days when you had to ask someone else to hold your camera and take your picture if you wanted a perfect shot? Do you miss those days? Neither do I. I love having control over how I appear in each one of my photos. Unfortunately, just because I control the pictures doesn’t necessarily mean the pictures turn out as beautiful as I might have hoped!

Taking the perfect selfie involves a lot more than just holding your arm out, doing your best duck face, and snapping a button. I’ve had a lot of practice taking selfies. I’ve also had plenty of experience posting something to Snapchat only to realize, too late, that I look absolutely ridiculous. In this article, I’m going to share all I know about how to take the best selfies possible using a selfie light.

How to take a perfect selfie with a selfie light

What is a selfie light?

A selfie light is a simple light up ring that you can attach to your phone. It is usually shaped like a circle and is a few inches in diameter. Its purpose is to light up your face so that even if you are taking your selfie in less than perfect conditions, you’ll still look perfect. Those small lights are perfect to travel with, as they fit easily into your purse or handbag. Having said that, if you want the ultimate selfie light experience, you should look into some more advanced LED ring lights that resemble a full fledged professional photography setup. The downside to these, is that you can’t take them with you, as they are made for in-home / studio use. But if that’s fine with you, then you should check out the reviews of the Neewer LED ring light, it’s probably one of the best LED ring light kits.

How to take a perfect selfie with a selfie light

Is a selfie ring compatible with my phone?

This is one of the best things about selfie rings. They are compatible with iPhones and Android phones of all brands. They work by clipping onto your phone, so you won’t have to worry about finding any cables to attach to your phone.

Why should I use a selfie light?

Social media and selfies are an ever more important part of how we present ourselves to the world. We use selfies to record our lives, to connect with our friends, and to make and share memories.

Unfortunately, in many cases, selfies are notorious for their low quality! The front facing camera on phones is usually less than stellar. In many environments where we might like to take a selfie, the lighting is poor or nonexistent. If you’re in a bar, restaurant, nightclub, or other setting with low lighting, the chances of getting a quality are almost nonexistent.

Using a selfie light guarantees that you will be able to take quality photos no matter where you are. Adding extra lighting illuminates the contours of your face and makes you appear more attractive. It also reduces the likelihood of your photos appearing grainy or blurry.

How to take a perfect selfie with a selfie light

What is the advantage of using a selfie light over using the flash on my camera?

If you are using the flash on your camera, you won’t get the chance to see how your picture will look with the flash before you take it. You’ll have to set up and arrange yourself in the dark, then press the flash button and hope that everything comes out looking nice. You’ll often have to take several pictures before you can find one that you like. With a selfie ring, you can turn the light on before you take a picture. You can check out exactly how the light will appear before you ever snap your pic.

As an added bonus, selfie rings allow you to control the level of lighting. Most selfie rings are adjustable, so you can turn the light up or down as you please. Most camera flash features do not allow for the same level of control, and thus do not allow for the same quality of picture.

How do I use my selfie right to take the perfect selfie?

  1. Make sure your selfie light is fully charged! You don’t want to head out on the town planning to take some cute pictures and discover your light isn’t ready to go.
  2. Clip your selfie ring to your phone. You want to make sure that it is positioned in such a way that the camera is fully visible. Your selfie ring should come with a set of instructions on attachment.
  3. Turn on the light.
  4. Take a few test shots. Try turning off the lights in your room and experimenting with how your selfie ring works.
  5. Adjust the brightness. One of the fun things about selfie rings is that most of them allow you to use a brighter or dimmer light. Use a bright light for more dramatic shadows or a dimmer one to create a more natural effect.
  6. Experiment with holding your phone at different angles and see what happens. The use of a selfie light allows you to play with the use of light and shadow in a very unique and artistic way. Holding the phone at a high angle to your face might cast dramatic shadows from your cheekbones, while angling it more to the right or left of your face might result in more of an emphasis on your nose. Don’t be afraid to play around with your selfie light until you can find the perfect angle for your features.
  7. Head out on the town and snap your selfies! Remember, you’ll probably want to adjust the lighting in different settings. A lighting that looks gorgeous in your bathroom mirror might not be appropriate for an evening at a rooftop bar.
  8. Remember to check the background of your photo! Although the selfie light will cast a flattering light on your face, it won’t have any impact on if you catch a weird shot of a girl crying in the background of your photo. Just like with regular selfies, check to make sure that everything looks perfect. Consider taking several photos at a time. That way, you won’t wind up at home frustrated because none of your pictures turned out the way you had hoped.

Go out and snap those pics!

Hopefully, you now feel well equipped to head out there and use your selfie light to take the best selfies ever. Your friends will be jealous of your well lit, perfectly angled photos from impossibly dark restaurants and clubs. Shine on, and keep on smiling!

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