If you take a look at your hands, you will notice that your fingers are uneven, obviously. But why are our fingers uneven instead of symmetrical? This is because the current finger ratio is perfect for grabbing objects. Our evolution went in the direction of pursuing the ability to make use of our surroundings. We do not have any kind of superpowers like other animals or plants, but we have our brains and opposable thumbs.

With these two human traits, we managed to make so many inventions that never existed before. So many objects that otherwise would not appear in nature if it were not for our intervention. These appliances do have a lifespan of their own. They are not eternal, even if these household objects could last much longer. When the time comes, an important question arises, should you repair or replace it?


Some problems are more simple to fix than you would think. It all depends on who is looking at a problem and their abilities. An air conditioner might be complex to you, but to an HVAC contractor, the problem could be minuscule. Just because it looks hard to fix or the company is trying to tell you so, that does not need to be the case. It is always important to talk to professionals that do not have any affiliation with the product.

They will always tell you if something is simple to fix or if it is not. You can also always look up online to see how to fix a certain appliance. Sometimes, you just do not have the tools to fix it yourself and need to call someone. But again, sometimes the problem might be too complex and indeed you would need to replace it. Whatever the case may be, try not to get persuaded by any affiliated sources into making decisions.


A nonfunctioning appliance can be fixed, but sometimes at too big of a cost. When evaluating the question of repairing vs fixing, always compare prices. One of the parameters that you should think of should be the sentimental value of the appliance. If the object has more meaning than just its purpose, you might want to pay the bigger price. Besides this, you should also think about the long-term consequences of repairing vs replacing.

If you need to constantly repair the appliance, it might be cheaper to just get a new one. You will pay more money one time, but no more constant bills for repair. But, recent trends show that new appliances are not built to last. Depending on the quality of the appliance, repairing it could be better because newer appliances are harder to repair. This means that you can get stuck inside a loop of constantly buying new equipment.

Environmental impact

New appliances do not grow on trees. They are a product of a process that usually has a big environmental impact. It is a shame that it is up to us, consumers, to choose brands that have a lesser environmental impact. Not everyone can afford such appliances made with green technology.

These kinds of appliances are usually made to last longer and be repairable. When thinking about replacing an appliance, you should think about the environmental impact. Repairing it does not come at the price of the environment in many cases. Getting a new greener alternative can also be a great solution.


HVAC systems usually last somewhere between 15 to 25 years. If the HVAC fails before this period, you should try fixing it first instead of replacing it. If an appliance, like a microwave, does not work after around 9 years of service, it reaches its lifespan. This means that it is more affordable to just get a new microwave. Refrigerators are another example of appliances that are actually really easy to fix with professional help.

These tips serve to create a certain scheme in your head when thinking about this problem. Every situation is unique, and thus there is no one universal answer to the question of repairing or replacing a broken appliance. However, you can create a new way of thinking about this issue which will lead you to your answer. By doing so, you are becoming ready for any kind of big debate about broken appliances.

When the problem is so broad, you should approach it by trying to find a pattern. You can only find these patterns if you approach the problem with an activated brain. If you try to solve these problems by memorizing every solution, you will get nowhere. This is why it is important to approach logically if you want to know what impactful solutions look like.

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