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I know some animal are born small and some are only tiny when they are baby. However, I never know they are that mini. Some of them are really tiny, just around the finger size and some are slightly bigger, about one hand size. Anyway, check out this blog, welcome to our “Mini Tiny Animal Kingdom”.

mini tiny animal kingdom

All the images shown here are collected from Internet and forwarded email. I am trying to give the name of those tiny creatures. If I am wrong, please correct me. Thanks in advance.

mini tiny animal kingdom

Brookesia Minima Chameleon
The Brookesia Minima chameleon is among the smallest reptiles in the world, measuring under an inch long.

mini tiny animal kingdom


Hamsters are stout-bodied, with tails much shorter than body length, and have small furry ears, short stocky legs, and wide feet. The species of genus Phodopus are the smallest, with bodies 5.5 to 10.5 cm (about 2 to 4 inches) long.

mini tiny animal kingdom


mini tiny animal kingdom


mini tiny animal kingdom

baby frog?

mini tiny animal kingdom

moth (wiki)

mini tiny animal kingdom

Sugar Glider (wiki)

The Sugar Glider is around 16 to 21 cm (6.3 to 7.5 inches) in length, with a tail almost as long as the body and almost as thick as a human thumb

mini tiny animal kingdom

No Idea (now bush baby(wiki)? or slow loris(wiki)?)

mini tiny animal kingdom

red-eye tree frog (wiki)

mini tiny animal kingdom

The Pygmy Tarsier (Tarsius pumilus)

Also known as the Mountain Tarsier or the Lesser Spectral Tarsier, is a nocturnal primate found on central Sulawesi, Indonesia, in an area with lower vegetative species diversity than the lowland tropical forests. The Pygmy Tarsier was believed to have become extinct in the early 20th century. The first Pygmy Tarsiers seen alive since the 1920s were found by a research team from Texas A&M University on Mount Rore Katimbo in Lore Lindu National Park in August 2008.

mini tiny animal kingdom

Mouse Lemur of Madagascar (wiki)

It is officially the smallest primate in the world at 2.25 to 4.75 inches.

mini tiny animal kingdom

Bee Hummingbird

The diminutive bee hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world – or at least, the male is; females are slightly larger, with a mass of approximately 1.8 grams (0.063 oz) and a length of 5 centimeters (2.0 in).

mini tiny animal kingdom


mini tiny animal kingdom


mini tiny animal kingdom

Hippocampus Denise Seahorse

The Hippocampus denise seahorse is no bigger than most human fingernails at about 16 millimeters from the its snout to the tip of its tail.

mini tiny animal kingdom

albino Pygmy Marmoset monkey

A rare albino Pygmy Marmoset monkey perches on a zookeeper’s thumb at Froso Zoo in Ostersund, Sweden. The Pygmy Marmoset, which lives in the upper Amazon basin in South America, is the world’s smallest monkey and reaches 35 cm ( 13.7 inches) in length and weighs up to 3.5 ounces at maturity.

mini tiny animal kingdom

tiny puppy yawning in hands [link]

mini tiny animal kingdom

newly born bird

mini tiny animal kingdom

The tiny ball of white fluff is just 8cm tall and measures just over 20cm from his nose to his tail.

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16 Responses

  1. Mick Rogers says:

    The one where you had no idea looks like a Lemur…I could be wrong though

  2. Johnson Koh says:

    The hamsters are cute!

  3. Kae says:

    im pretty sure that “no idea” is a bushbaby

  4. joe blow the lover man says:

    The first gecko is a Crested Gecko.

  5. just a girl says:

    I think that the one that you have no idea is a Slow Loris

  6. D says:

    I think the unknown one may be a bush baby.

  7. Ohsay says:

    The one with no idea? is a slow loris :)

  8. Random says:

    It’s a slow loris.
    Look it up on youtube, you can see one in action. :3 It’s cute and funny.
    Bush babies have gigantic wide spaced lighter coloured eyes. I have seen them at a zoo.

  9. nativewoman343 says:

    these photos are so wonderful just look at the size and we worry about survival thank-you with respect to these small animals

  10. kelly says:

    So cute…and so tiny!

  11. Kyle says:

    It’s not a bushbaby or a loris. It’s a cute fennec fox.

  12. Nanda says:


    small looks gud..


  13. Victor says:

    OMG.So lovely

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