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Evolution: Amazing Skeleton Photography by Patrick Gries

Titled “Evolution (book on amazon)“, this amazing series of photography taken by Luxembourg-born photographer Patrick Gries successfully blurs the boundaries between art and scinece, offering an atypical approach to viewing the evolution of animals....


Vibrant Marine Life Photography by Mark Laita

Photographer Mark Laita captures this colourful collection of marine life that can be found submerged in the oceans in his ongoing series of animal portraits. With cutting-edge photographic techniques, Laita unveils the full splendor...


14 Creative Family Portraits Ideas

Family Portraits are evergreen and stay for a long time and will be loved by the future generations. However, you might be tired of similar posed, stiff and cheesy family portraits year after year....


Bizarre! Stunning Self-Portraits from Manu Pombrol

There are many skilled photo manipulators out in the world, yet there is something unique about Manu Pombrol’s photographic works. Born in Madrid, Spain, Manu Pombrol is a 35-year-old artist and photographer whose self-portraits...


Best Bird Photos Of 2017 by photocrowd

Birds might be one of the hardest wild animal to photograph. To capture a perfect shot of bird, photographers might need to wait for several hours to days and fight with tough environment. The...