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Cute Baby Animal

Sometimes you need a break from all the stress and pressure, it is Friday. How about having some fun to see how cute baby animals can be? Now these animals are more or less...


Beautiful Animal Eyes

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”, but do animals have a soul? Check the photos below and make your own conclusion. What you see from their eyes? Fly’s Eyes [link] More close-up...


Something about the spiders

There are various kinds of pets in our world, cat,dog,fish,bunny,birds or SPIDER! Yes, spider! Somehow, it is difficult for me to think to raise a spider like a pet. But you can see they...


Funny Animal Photos 1

Have a nice weekend? Still too cold to go outside? (like me :( ) Let’s enjoy some funny photos about the animal. Woo..too slippery


Touching Public Service Ads Design

In this poster, I am going to talk about the a kind of special ads, Public service ads. Public service advertising is the use of commercial advertising techniques for non-commercial purposes. Typical topics for...


Fish, Fish, Weird Fish

Animal of this week — fish…. weird looking fish! 5 bizarre looking fish on my list will be presented in this post. Most of them are pretty ugly, while the frogfish also called walking...


Animal Thief

I think no one likes thief, but how about animal thief? It makes me laugh when I look at those stealing behaviors made by animal. 1. Gecko Stealing cake [link]


Transparent Animal

Today’s topic – Transparent Animal. Some of them we are familiar with, like Jellyfish. While some of them, are really weird to me, like the “Glass Frog” “Spookfish”.


Colorful Frog – Poison Frog

Frog is an amphibian, characterized by long hind legs, a short body, webbed digits (fingers or toes), protruding eyes and the absence of a tail. The distribution of frogs ranges from tropic to subarctic...


Sweet Lover of animals

Valentine Day is approaching, I am going to show you 15 photos about how animal express their love to the other. That is really sweet.


2008 best animal shot

Today I will introduce 2008 most lovely/funny animal photography, announced by UK “The Daily Telegraph”. Hope you like those beautiful creatures.


Animal Camouflage – Can you find me?

Cryptic coloration is the most common form of camouflage, found to some extent in the majority of species. The simplest way is for an animal to be of a color similar to its surroundings....