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Electric Photography – special lighting effect

Here are 23 photos taken with a special effect called “Electric Photography“. It seems use a special exposure approach to highlight the edge or the hair/texture of the target in photo. One photo came...


Might be most beautiful insect in the Universe

The common insects that we hardly look at, mostly despise and even abhor, however they might become artistic intricate objects in macro-photography. Of course, some mugshots are frankly quite ugly, reenforcing our general dislike...


How photographer look like in other’s camera

We saw lots of amazing photos taken by photographer to catch the beauty/special moment of life…However, we have no idea how they took those kind of photos. In this post, you will see how...


Overloaded?? Crazy!!!

Here is a set of funny pictures about “overloaded”. It is so crazy and I can’t help wondering how can the vehicle move like that.


Dinner made by rock

Now, you are invited to a feast, em– visually. Since all the food on the table is not eatable, they are made by rocks. ;) First, let’s see those dishes from far away….


Most stunning science images from NewScientist

There are 10 the most stunning science images from NewScientist,UK, including the propagation and reflection of a blast wave, a helix planetary nebula and a baby kangaroo suckling in a pouch… 1. This stunning...


2008 best animal shot

Today I will introduce 2008 most lovely/funny animal photography, announced by UK “The Daily Telegraph”. Hope you like those beautiful creatures.


Beautiful Ice Sculpture

Ice sculpture is a form of sculpture that uses ice as the raw material. Sculptures from ice can be abstract or realistic and can be functional or purely decorative. Ice sculptures are generally associated...


Strange Trees

em… Don’t know how to describe the pictures. Those trees are really weird, or freaking. Some of them even have human face. Not sure it is fake or real, share with you guys.


Animal Camouflage – Can you find me?

Cryptic coloration is the most common form of camouflage, found to some extent in the majority of species. The simplest way is for an animal to be of a color similar to its surroundings....


Reflection Photography — Beautiful Reflective World

Sometimes, you will find reflection is pretty annoying, while if you can make use of it, some amazing effect and stunning pictures can be achieved. Reflective surface like water, rain, windows, mirrors and even...