Barbora Batokova, the Pittsburgh-based photographer, has a fascination with the beauty and danger of fungi. Growing up in the Czech Republic, she cultivated a deep passion for mushroom hunting and foraging for hearty meals. Unlike many Americans, the Czech Republic is a mycophilic country where people are not afraid of mushrooms. Her nostalgia and longing for her roots led her to create fungiwoman, an ongoing photography and cooking project that allows her to reconnect with nature.

Through her mesmerizing photography, Batokova captures the fascinating world of mushrooms, from small orange caps springing up from mossy grounds to vibrantly fruiting polypores branching from trees. Venturing into the woods year-round, she explores new regions, hunts for mushrooms, captures images to learn about different species, and brings the fruitful yield home to cook. Her passion for fungi and dedication to preserving the woods shines through her work.

In 2024, Batokova’s forthcoming book about mushrooms will be released, and she has prints and cards available in her shop. Follow her Instagram to tag along as she traverses new thickets and shares her findings. Batokova‚Äôs work inspires us to look closely at the environment and appreciate the beauty of fungi.

All images belong to Barbora Batokova

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