Asya Kozina is known for her elaborate paper wigs and dresses. We have been featured many times of her amaizing works on our site (previous collection). This Ukraine based paper artist situate miniature worlds atop their towering paper wigs. The detailed headdresses combine contemporary themes with historical elements, resembling the extravagant hair and head pieces.

In this article, we will present you works from Kozina’s latest collection. Referencing the ominous tale of the Flying Dutchman, Kozina transports wearers to the sea with fleets of ships that sail across the cut-and-folded headdresses. The legend states that seeing the vessel portends imminent danger, a sense of mystery and hazard the artist juxtaposes with blossoming botanicals and butterflies full of life.

When asked why white paper only? Kozina replied:

I don’t understand any other material as well. I take paper and it’s a continuation of my hands. For the most part, it’s art for art’s sake, aesthetics for the sake of aesthetics, there is no practical point.

You can find more about Kozina’s work and support her practice on her siteBehance,and Instagram.

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