Introducing the special edition cherry tomato packaging for Nijasol, exclusively for Carrefour. The Tomatier Snacks range extension is designed to captivate both children and their parents, offering a fresh and healthy alternative for lunch or snack time.

Who said eating tomatoes is boring and only for grown-ups? Our innovative design transforms a simple box of 8-10 cherry tomatoes into an engaging and playful experience. Meet our adorable tomato-loving monster, whose delightful design not only entertains but also reveals the fresh tomatoes inside. The monster’s mouth, shaped as a window, lets you see the product, while its crest, resembling a tomato stalk, serves as a unique and fun closure.

Under the slogan “Monsters are cool and so are tomatoes,” Tomatier Snacks invites kids to enjoy the sweet flavor of cherry tomatoes in a fun and engaging way. This playful packaging helps parents introduce the benefits of nutritious, healthy, and monstrously tasty tomatoes into their children’s diet.

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