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The World’s First 360° Smart Speaker in Hi-Res Audio

UPstage 360 is the world’s first 360° Hi-Res smart speaker that combines a 3-way system and provides 40Hz-40kHz ultra-wide frequency range, easily filling your space with audiophile-grade sound. Unlike conventional speakers, which deliver directional...


MusicWrap: Your Powerful yet Cute Audio-minion

MusicWrap, a headset looking portable audio, is probably the cutest speaker we have ever seen. This adorable audio-minion that packs powerful stereo speakers and a microphone into a slender looking package. With its smart...


Modern and Stylish Portable Speakers

Coming from Jarre Technologies (founded by the musical legend, Jean Michel Jarre), the AeroTwist portable Bluetooth speaker is made to be attachable to any bag-strap or bicycle. Starting with a circle, but you can...