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16 creative tear-off advertisement

Tear-off advertisement, usually, it’s just a plain white paper with tear offs of contact information. While in our today’s collection, we try to show you some creative and inspiring designs. Those tear-off pieces in those designs are quite good combined with the product/service they want to promote and encourage the interaction between ads and people.

STIHL Leaf Blowers: Autumn Calendar 2010 [link]

This super cool calendar is developed to promote the product of leaf blowers by STIHL. As I know, it is the first tear-off calendar, that tears off its leaves automatically! To show the necessity of STIHL leaf blowers in an entertaining way – day by day. Due the fact that leaves fall in autumn, their calendar covers the time period 09/23 – 12/21.

STIHL Leaf Blowers: Autumn Calendar 2010

GBB Beauty Salon: Bikini Waxing Poster [link]

To promote the recently opened GBB beauty salon in one of the biggest office buildings in Bucharest, to the woman that work in the building, with a minimal budget. The office building is a busy place, so they needed a surprising way of drawing ladies’ attention. They placed special posters in the building lobby. The women were invited to tear off one of the hairs and call the number written on it for a reservation, thus demonstrating how easy waxing becomes when using the salon’s services.

GBB Beauty Salon: Bikini Waxing Poster

Wüsthof knives: Onion calendar [link]

“To dramatize how precisely Wüsthof knives can cut an onion calendar was created, in which an onion was cut into 365 slices. Precisely as many as there are days in the year. Perfect for a tear-off calendar.”

Wüsthof knives: Onion calendar

Pantogar: Memo pad [link]

Losing hair gradually is a problem people tend to neglect. A specially designed memo pad is made to engage people with the problem of hair loss. As users tear off memo sheets every day, the illustrated person’s “hair” becomes thinner and thinner, alerting them of possible hair loss. They then remind them to face the problem before it is too late and that Pantogar revitalizer is the best solution.

Pantogar: Memo pad

Zohra Mouhetta: Lose Your Belly [link]

The brief was to design a business card for fitness trainer Zohra Mouhetta. To stand out from all the leave-behinds people receive every day, they designed a unique, foldable business card that invites the recipient to interact with it. Its design not only complemented her profession, but also demonstrated the effectiveness of her personal training programmes by inviting the recipient to tear off excess flab.

Zohra Mouhetta: Lose Your Belly

Bosch: Calendar [link]

This calendar is designed to get selected dealers and distributors excited about the new, special high-performance, battery-operated Bosch Rotak 43 LI lawn mower

Every page in the calendar is cut in a special way to initially create the individual impression of a wild and untended lawn. The recipient becomes part of the action and tears off a calendar page every day. By doing this, he is actually continuing to ‘mow’ day by day and so, bit by bit, he has a perfectly cut lawn in front of him at the end of the year. It’s an authentic and unique mowing experience, because the width of the calendar corresponds exactly to the width of the lawn mower.

Bosch: Calendar

Korea University / Institute of Foreign Languages: Tongue [link]

Get the native tongue – Korea University.

Korea University / Institute of Foreign Languages: Tongue

Cuttie Cut: Children’s Hair Salon [link]

Cuttie Cut: Children's Hair Salon

Crest: Strong Smiles [link]

The teeth of the caricature were the coupons and people were encouraged to tear-off a coupon for a free
dental test. This poster is to create brand awareness and bring to life Crest’s core message: ‘Healthy smiles for life’, in the shopper environment.

Crest: Strong Smiles

Hair Saloon [link]

Hair Saloon

Martial School: Teeth [link]

Martial School: Teeth


This tear-off ads is made for a professional piano teacher and displayed in record stores, music schools and libraries.


Ismet Dural Circumciser Ad [link]

When people took the number they had the “circumcised” part left on the card to remind them of the doctors specialty.

Ismet Dural Circumciser Ad

Tear-off match calendar [link]

The idea was to create as unique a calendar so that the process of its presenting would become an outstanding event. Alongside with this, it was important to expose the idea of “energy”, as it is predetermined by the name and logo of the company. Each page is a month and it looks like a comb made of matches that correspond to the days. The matches are real and the construction of the calendar is absolutely safe.

Tear-off match calendar

WeightWatchers Tear-Off Posters [link]

This tear-off layout is made way more interesting and it encourages people to take a part of the poster. It is because every torn part makes the woman on the poster look thinner. And the slogan “together we get rid of pounds” is very suitable because to make the woman thin, everybody has to tear a small part of the poster.

WeightWatchers Tear-Off Posters

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    Very cool. Once designed, where would one have something like the posters with tear-offs printed and perforated and/or cut?

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