Our mother nature is definitely an imaginative creator. She created so many weird plants or animals that look right out of someone’s photoshop work. So if you see something unusual posted on internet, don’t jump to the conclusion that is faked. Because, maybe it is a real thing in our world.

Below are 10 weird plants we found from the reddit channel r/Whatsthisplant, which is a community where people help others to identify plants that visitors submit. Take a look and you will be surprised that there is one hell of a floral encyclopedia you never knew. Here we pick up 10 most weird plants we found on the channel. Hope you enjoy.

Is this from Easter egg tree?

Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata [source]

Alien Cactus?

Cereus validus ‘Spiralis’ known as Cereus forbesii [source]

Cotton candy rose?

Geum Reptans from rose family [source]

Painting like plant

Caladium (Strawberry Star) [source]

Tea platter on leaft

Geraldton Carnation Weed [source]

3D Pixel Blurry Tree?

The Rising Sun Redbud

Cotton grass?

Eriophorum [source]

Half-half rose?

Chimera Rose [source]

Lanterns Plant?

Chinese lanterns – Alkekengi officinarum [source]

Bird Plant?

Cyanotis tuberosa, Greater Cat Ears or Dew Grass [source]

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