Whether you have newly replaced shutters, or ones that you’re just trying to keep in good condition, proper maintenance is important. How exactly do you keep up with your shutters? There are a few basic tips that homeowners can use to maintain their shutters. Use these tips to keep yours clean and looking good for years to come.

1. Keep Dust at a Minimum

Dust easily builds up on shutters and they can be difficult to clean. The best way to keep the dust at bay is to rub a dryer sheet on both sides of the shutters. This will work to prevent dust and also reduce the amount that clings to the shutters. The anti-cling action of dryer sheets is a good way to keep them looking good between dusting. Use this tip to maintain the appearance of shutters, even when you’re not cleaning them regularly.

10 Tips on How to Maintain your Window Shutters at Home

2. Know How to Clean

The type of shutters that you have is going to be the basis for keeping them clean and maintained. If you’re interested in replacing your shutters, you can visit https://www.shuttercraft.co.uk/affordable-shutters/ and make sure that you install shutters that are easy to care for. However, you want to make sure that you use the right cleaner for shutters. Don’t use furniture polish or any type of harsh cleaner. Wood polish is good for wood shutters, but use in moderation. For most shutters, a mild dish soap or detergent works well.

10 Tips on How to Maintain your Window Shutters at Home

3. Know When to Use Laundry Bleach

One of the cleaners that you may be tempted to use is laundry bleach. This is a good cleaner that can be used when you have mildew stains on your shutters. Make sure to dilute the bleach with one part bleach with five parts of water. Since the bleach can discolor shutters, test out the solution in a small area. If you notice any type of discoloration, then you should avoid using any bleach-containing cleaners on the shutters.

4. Caring for Metal Shutters

Although metal shutters are less common, they can be installed and require special handling for deep cleaning. For a quick clean, you can use a small amount of ammonia diluted in water. Wear gloves to protect your hands and then use a damp cloth in the solution to clean each slat.

If the shutters need a deeper clean, you should actually remove the blinds from the window. Hang them or wash them in a tub. Soapy water or ammonia and water are the best solutions. Rinse them thoroughly before re-hanging them.

5. Be Gentle with Bamboo

Bamboo is a more popular material for shutters today, but it’s also easier to damage. Since bamboo is known for being biodegradable, easily, you should use a light cleaner and avoid anything harsh on the shades. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to avoid using much water. If you can clean the bamboo shades and then hang them outside to dry, you’ll keep the bamboo healthy for years to come.

10 Tips on How to Maintain your Window Shutters at Home

6. Go Over Shutters Once a Month

It’s not enough to dust the shutters regularly. They also require a deeper clean about once a month. This deeper cleaning allows you to remove any dirt, dust, and other debris from the crevices. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a dusting attachment, this is a good way to suck up any dirt from the shutters. If not, you may need to use a microfiber duster and pay close attention to the area where you’re dusting. A vacuum tends to pick up any missed dirt so use this if possible.

7. Keep Newspaper Handy

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned the shutters, you can make the cleanup operation easier on yourself. Lay a sheet or newspaper under the shutters before you start to clean. This will help to prevent your having to do double cleaning duty. Any of the dirt that you miss will fall onto the sheet so that you can pick it up and dispose of it easily. Use this when you’ve neglected cleaning for some time as larger amounts of dust can build up on your shutters.

8. Use a Paintbrush

If you have a paintbrush handy, you can use the bristles to clean up any shutters that are extremely dirty. You can use the brush by itself to dust away any large chunks of dust and debris. If you want to use the brush to do a deeper clean, you can also dip the paintbrush into hot soapy water or oil soap for an extra clean boost. You should make sure that you clean the brush often and remove any excess cleaner with a dry cloth when you’re done.

9. Keep a Microfiber Dusting Mitt Handy

This handy tool can be used when you’re a little short on time, but need to touch up your shutters. This dusting mitt fits easily on most hands and can be used to clean between shutters in just a few minutes. Although you won’t get a deep clean with this option, you can save yourself a great deal of time and keep things simple.

10 Tips on How to Maintain your Window Shutters at Home

10. Use a Cloth and Ruler

If you happen to have blinds that are thin and narrow, it may be difficult to clean between them. If you have a microfiber cloth, wrap it around a ruler and then secure it with a rubber band or other tie. This can then be used to fit between the shutters and clean them without any additional work. This is great if you’ve struggled to clean the shutters.

As most people know, shutters can be difficult to clean. If you have shutters in your home, you want to be able to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. With good cleaning and care, they’ll last for years to come. Make sure that you clean them on a regular basis and deep clean them on a monthly basis. This preventative measure will keep shutters from breaking down or suffering any damage. These 10 simple tips can be used on any type of shutter. Use them whenever you’re unsure of how to keep your shutters looking great.

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