18 flash loading animations

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  1. John says:

    I’ve been looking for stuff like this for ages. Thanks!

  2. Byron says:

    Thank you!!!

  3. Eric says:

    Thanks a lot. It saves me a lot of time.

  4. Atea Webdevelopment says:

    Thanks for saving me time!

  5. Humer says:

    Very ….. VERY cool. Thanks a thousand times, you really made my day!

  6. rs says:

    thanks!!! <3

  7. Deepak says:

    Thanks a ton

  8. Rakesh says:

    Thank you so much it was very helpful for me….again i want to say thanks a lot….

  9. conrads says:

    fantastic, thanks for share this great stuff…

  10. sir says:

    much appreciated….

  11. wanni says:

    Thank you :)

  12. sid says:

    thanks man……..

  13. Kath C says:

    Thanks for these, saved me a bunch of time having to create one!

  14. Dave says:

    Great, love it, thank you

  15. naba says:

    thanks a lot.

  16. Jason says:


  17. jbuda says:

    Excellent resources, exactly what i needed. Thanks

  18. Sriram says:

    Really superb.. Nice

  19. nick0 says:

    Great collection, thank you so much for making these available!!

  20. TomatoWilo says:

    Thanks a lot! I will need these :D thanks again!! :D

  21. cronoklee says:

    Hey thanks a lot – saved me some time today.

    I’ve clicked a few ads as a thank you

  22. drew says:

    I would like to see .swf downloads for these.
    I am wanting to use them in my Flex application and now I have to download 300MB for a Flash trail to convert them to SWF’s

    Please make them swfs :)

  23. Super sweet! Thanks.

    For those people needing a SWF I have uploaded one here: http://lab.zoho.co.uk/lab/common-flash-assets/loading_animations_2.swf

  24. Khurram says:

    Hi, I was just looking for loading animation and came across your website, these animations are cool and saved my time. thanks my friend.

  25. julio says:

    Thanks!!, cool animations…and save a lot time.

  26. Cerambyx_Cerdo says:

    A really big THANK YOU mate !

  27. BOMB says:

    big thanks

  28. att says:

    great!! thanks a lot!!!
    i have been looking for this!!!

  29. Mike says:

    Hi, thanks for this, is amazingly good!, i have a question, how do i use one of this particular animations from a flex component?, how do i “invoke” only one of them out of the swf file?, thanks a lot for your help, really nice stuff!

  30. mohammad says:

    NIceeeeeeeeeeeeee and very tanks

  31. bbumbx says:

    Thanks a lot, very useful!

  32. YopSolo says:

    very useful thx a lot :)

  33. Rohullah says:

    Thank you very very much dear its really very useful.

  34. Mahmoud says:

    Thank you so much for your gift. It is so much appreciated. You saved me a lot of time :).

  35. Mike says:

    Hi, i’m trying to use these in flex 3.x, and the animation just does not display (none of the swf), does anyone have encountered any issue to embed the swf in a regular flex app? Thanks guys!

  36. imranjpr says:

    thanks; really helpful

  37. Mario says:

    Grazieeeeeeee sei fantastico!

  38. Wilfred says:

    Fantastic, thanks. These work great in my Flex app!

  39. Yogi says:

    Nice collection. . . Thnx ;)

  40. rodrigo says:

    thanks for the fla! save some time!

  41. David says:

    Thanks !!!! save some time!!

  42. Andrio says:

    Million thanks man!!

  43. Mon says:

    Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;Thanks ;

  44. Scott says:

    感激涕零!(This is a Chinese idiom, it meas be moved to tears of gratitude.)

  45. aca says:


  46. Andre says:

    Thanks a lot, I love it!

  47. Jamie Humphries says:

    Excellent, thanks a lot!

  48. DG says:

    Thanks a lot !!! I was looking all over the net for this.

  49. web designer dubai says:

    ahan nice animations for preloaders.
    thank you so much for make our work easy :)

  50. bardia says:

    tnx so much !

  51. Anand says:

    Nice One but how to use this in flex builder i tried in swfloader but output is null

  52. Rigel Sven says:

    Thanks Arigatou gozaimasu Terimakasih Kure’sumanga’ Sankyuu

  53. kaushal says:

    nice work and thanks…

  54. Rifky Tri Shandy says:

    Awesome !!!!!!!! thank you very much :)

  55. Jimmy Abu Al Denien says:

    Well done ;)

  56. ANONYMOUS says:


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