4 of the Most Unique Wedding Ring Ideas

Wedding rings are a physical representation of all that is between you and your spouse and the vows you have both taken. This means something different for every couple, and your rings should reflect that. They should be as unique as you are.

Traditional gold band, diamond wedding rings are highly customizable on their own, and a lot of couples still prefer to go this route. Sometimes they even pick a different type of metal or precious stone. But an increasing number of couples are looking for alternative marriage band materials.

There are many reasons why people might want something other than a traditional ring. Some lines of work – such as the military and construction industry – prefer their employees not wear metal rings for safety reasons. Other couples might prefer a more affordable material. Still others just like the way other types of rings look.

Whatever the reason, alternative wedding rings have become very popular in the past couple of years. If you’re looking for an alternative to diamonds and gold, check out these ideas:

4 of the Most Unique Wedding Ring Ideas

Tungsten Wedding Rings

As far as metals go, gold is a relatively soft material. It is easier for gold to bend or become scratched, and over time it often looses its shiny luster. That’s where tungsten comes in.

Tungsten is a very hard, extremely durable metal. Tungsten marriage bands, like those made from theartisanrings.com, are scratch resistant, and they’ll never break or bend. They come in many colors and finishes, and can be engraved with pretty much any design. They’re great for people who work with their hands often.

4 of the Most Unique Wedding Ring Ideas

Silicone Wedding Rings

Silicone wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular among members of the military, as well as people who work around big machinery. Up until now, many married people in fields like farming, construction, and the automotive industry weren’t allowed to wear wedding rings at work.

This is because metal rings pose a safety hazard on the job. If the ring gets can caught in the moving parts of a machine, it can cause serious injury if the band doesn’t break. If a silicone band gets caught, it snaps harmlessly away.

Silicone bands are also very popular because they are cheap and easy to replace, and come in tons of different colors. Many couples choose to buy fancier marriage bands as well as silicone ones, but save the fancy rings for special occasions.

4 of the Most Unique Wedding Ring Ideas

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Wooden Wedding Rings

If wood rings are your thing, you’ve got lots of options. Wooden rings are great because they come in all shapes, colors, finishes, and sizes. They are very easy to customize, too. You can choose between rings made entirely of wood, or rings made with wood and other metals or stones.

Wooden rings also meet many of the same safety requirements as silicone rings, as wood breaks much easier than metal. Another major benefit is that they are much less expensive than traditional bands, but they don’t have to look that way.

4 of the Most Unique Wedding Ring Ideas

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Wedding Tattoos

Some people are just not into jewelry. They don’t like to wear it, or often loose it, so they choose to commemorate their wedding with a tattoo instead. Some people go this route simply because they love tattoos. Many couples even get matching wedding tattoos and wear rings.

Wedding tattoos are perhaps the most customizable form of all the alternative rings. You can get any shape or design that you want – even words or numbers. A lot of people like to get it as a band around their ring finger, where a marriage band would normally go, but you definitely don’t have to. With wedding tattoos, the sky is the limit.

4 of the Most Unique Wedding Ring Ideas

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