Nestled in Amsterdam’s Baarsjes district, Slatuinenweg is a historic street once serving as a path to a church in the Sloten municipality. Lined with unique buildings from 1675, the street features protected facades and deep gardens that once provided fresh produce. Behind one distinctive facade, studio RIANKNOP undertook a modern home renovation.

Studio RIANKNOP approached the 87-square-meter project as a blank canvas, guided by the homeowners’ directive to embrace bold statements and explore deep concepts. The result is a home that exceeds expectations, embodying the spirit and personality of its creative inhabitants.

Central to the design is the use of natural materials, particularly the homeowners’ favorite—birch plywood. This material forms the core of the home’s features, including the staircase, bathroom, storage, and shelving. A stacked birch unit contrasts with custom oak elements, such as the kitchen, TV unit, and a cozy seating nook connected to the garden through an upward-opening window.

The upper floor continues the theme of blending materials and functions. A wet area framed in red steel and glass divides the space while allowing light to flow freely. The red continues down the staircase handrail, joining the two floors. The shower and toilet glass doors add green frames, introducing another bold color.

The kids’ bedroom features a hidden play area atop the bathroom, creating a secret space for them. The primary bedroom opens to a rooftop where the owners plan to grow a vegetable garden.

At the heart of the space sits a stove with a rear wall of rugged basalt tiles, adding a unique texture that balances the wood’s warmth with a cool, resilient character.

The colors and materials harmonize throughout, reflecting the playful personalities of the homeowners. From the furniture to the art collection, every element enhances the overall aesthetic, filling the house with charm.

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