If you are looking to decorate your modern interior, one way to do so is by adding wall ornaments. From sculptural mirrors to tapestries and family photos, the choices you have to spruce up your home with wall decor are endless.

One option that seems to be very popular among homeowners is posters. When hung properly, they can serve as the focal point in every room of your home and be the conversation-starter for your visitors. Not only do they look modern and chic, but they can also help conceal any imperfections you might have on your walls.

However, even though hanging posters seems like a very easy task to do, there are some rules that you should follow when decorating your living space with this wall ornament. In order to do it successfully, take a look at our guide which shares several ideas on how to decorate your walls with posters and turn your home into an oasis of personal style.

Posters for every room

Posters aren’t meant to be hung only in your living room. In fact, there might be some empty spaces in other rooms that would look great if decorated with a poster. For example, your bedroom is considered your personal space, so you should create your bedroom art based on who you are as a person. So, if you are someone who likes inspirational quotes, then you should hang up posters which will give you morning motivation and provide you with the energy boost you need.

Another room where you should add posters is your bathroom. Your morning and evening routines can be more pleasurable when looking at a poster with images of nature or filled with green and yellow colors to accentuate the calming vibe this room offers. Also, kitchen posters can make your stay in the kitchen more enjoyable and make cooking a breeze by framing posters with fruits, veggies and cocktails.

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Pick the right place

Another thing you should consider when you are decorating your walls is finding a suitable place to show off your posters. In general, the most common places homeowners hang these wall pieces are above credenzas, fireplaces or the sofa. Your options shouldn’t be limited. For example, depending on the size of the poster, you can also decorate your shelves or window sills with a beautiful art piece that will seamlessly blend with your modern interior.

Pay attention to the poster height because you don’t want to hang it too low or too high. In fact, there is a simple rule about hanging wall decor which states that you should hang it in your sightline. Lastly, if you really want to underline your wall ornament you can install LED lighting which will light up the poster and draw additional attention when you have people over.

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Build a theme

By experimenting with different ways of hanging posters you could build a theme which will reflect your personality and make your home harmonious. For example, if you have posters that present all the places you have visited, you can create a theme by hanging them in the order in which you traveled.

Hanging them in a horizontal, straight line isn’t your only option to show them off. There are countless ways you could arrange this wall piece in order to create a beautiful layout. For example, you can arrange them symmetrically in a grid with posters of the same size and shape. Or, if you have a narrower space, then you can display them vertically in a column. Lastly, if you want to go for an unexpected, artistic interior, you can connect two empty walls by hanging your artwork in the corners of those walls.

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Color Coordinate

The main purpose of this simple wall piece is to add color to any room especially to the one with the most minimalistic design. In fact, posters include a wide range of colors that you can use to coordinate with your interior decor. By taking more of a collected approach and synchronizing the colors, you will be providing a linear and uncluttered style in your home.

Usually, when you decorate your interior, there is a color preference in mind. So, if your color preference is red, then you should go for posters that mostly include this color to bring out the key shade in your home. Another thing you can do is choose two or three colors from your posters and match them with your furniture. The point is to make your posters eye-catching and artistic even if hung in a room with multiple, vibrant colors.

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Choose your style

The style for your posters mostly refers to the many ways you have available to frame your favorite wall ornaments. If you are looking for a timeless look, then you should put them in an actual frame. When it comes to poster frames, you should go for those that aren’t too wide because your poster should be the one standing out, and not your frames.

If you can’t find a frame that is suitable for your wall piece, then you can always build your own with wood trimming. However, if you want to avoid frames altogether, there are other ways you can hang your posters. For example, you can opt for a tailored poster rail with which you can hang your artwork and add some extra finesse on the walls. Finally, using the hangers for your pants to clip your posters is another way of showing your unique craftsmanship for decorating your wall space.

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Final thoughts

Hanging posters in your home is a very creative and original way to decorate your interior. They are actually the pop of color which should be present in every room to create a more inviting living space.

The fact that posters also come in various sizes and colors allows you to create an eccentric decor and be the accent piece your home simply needs. So, if you are looking to add more style to your modern interior, make sure you read our guide in order to successfully incorporate this beautiful art piece into your home.

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