Japanese illustrator, manga artist Ponkichi (@PonkichiM) seems to have a creative passion for fusing animals and food. It might sound an odd combination at first, but Ponkichi is able to blend qualities of the animals and veggies into an adorable creature.

Garlic Cat, Cabbage Dog, Spinach Owl, Broccoli Squirrel or Onion Octopus, Ponkichi’s creative illustrations not only have these cute vege-animals but also some explanation about why eating certain foods is good for you and some facts about them. Ponkichi uses it as a good approach to help to learn about food and its nutrients.

On regular basis, Ponkichi posts a new illustration that charmingly meshes adorable animals and vegetables into “fairies”. Hence, if you like these vege-animals, be sure to follow Ponkichi on twitter.

Shiitake Mushroom Weasel

Garlic Cat

Chinese Cabbage Dog

Coriander Chinchilla

Spinach Owl

Cauliflower Llama

Lotus Root Fox

Cabbage Tasmanian Devil

Broccoli Squirrel

Daikon Radish Fox

Eggplant Cat

Peanut Walrus

Chinese Chive Honey Badger

Melon Turtle

Watermelon Cuttlefish

Pumpkin Cat

Celery Slow Loris

Vegetable Pig

Asparagus Crow

Mushroom Mouse

Chinese Onion Muntjac

Spring Onion Eel

Onion Octopus

Bitter Gourd Cat

Cucumber Myna

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