Large and spacious bedrooms might be luxurious but small bedrooms can cozily and succinctly provide us with all of the comforts that we need. Especially in large city, where living space is quite limited. Cleverly take use of every inch of space becomes important.

In this article, we will show you a beautiful studio apartment design which show you how to use glass panel and split level floor to create spacious looking room.

When look at the pictures below, you will find there are no solid divider separates the room. Glass wall bedrooms supply sleep spaces with a comfortingly protective barrier, whilst still benefiting from natural light-share. The lifted bed platform not only visually help to create portion inside the room. The extending cabinet also works as TV bench and shelf. Moreover, there is a pull-out bed hiding in the platform.

Although a washroom sink, kitchen and laundry combination isn’t that common design in interior, it does give you everything needed within the limited space. Opposite of the washroom vanity is the toilet and shower area hidden behind the barn door. I have to admin, it is a bit awkward that you need to leave the room to wash your hands after using toilet.

This might be not the perfect room layout for many people. But I have to say, it works in most aspects. Take a look and you might find some inspiration from this studio apartment.

Visualizer: 敦强 陈

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